CYP Programs and CHYA Compliance


CYP’s programs can be implemented in four ways:  

1. As a program to fulfill the requirements of California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).

CYP is excited to announce that we are offering a brand new curriculum called, HEART: Healthy Education and Relationship Training. This program meets all Ed Code requirements and builds risk elimination and primary prevention skills while supporting mainstream family values. It is getting ready to be piloted this school year.

2. As a parallel program to an existing Comprehensive Sex Ed program to address the need for primary prevention education.

3. As an alternative program for parents, schools and students who are opting out of existing Comprehensive Sex Education.

CHYA Article 4. Notice and Parental Excuse [51937-51939]

(c) While comprehensive sexual health education, HIV prevention education, or anonymous, voluntary, and confidential test, questionnaire, or survey on pupil health behaviors and risks is being administered, an alternative educational activity shall be made available to pupils whose parents or guardians have requested that they not receive the instruction or participate in the test, questionnaire, or survey.

4. As a private course for students as well as for parents.




We offer several strategies for developing Healthy Relationship Skills.  We welcome collaboration from various organizations and agencies to make this important education accessible to youth and young adults. We are committed to work with your individual needs and budget.  If you want to learn more, please contact us now for a consultation or for a workshop. 

To meet the wide needs of the participants, we offer six different programs. Click the + button to learn more.

Program 1: Choosing the Best

Recommended for participants with high trusted adult involvement. Each year, topics build on one another and can be easily incorporated in school settings in a span of 1.5 weeks

  • 5-8, 50-minute lessons

    • 6th grade

    • 7th grade

  • 8, 50-minute lessons

    • High School: Choosing the Best Journey

  • 5, 50-minute lessons

    • High School: Choosing the Best Soulmate

Program 2: Relationship Smarts Plus SRA Adaptation

Recommended to participants who have typical exposure to sex on and offline and need more support. More holistic in covering sex beyond risk, protection, and pregnancy. Emphasis on building boundaries, healthy intimacy, communication skills, and understanding family patterns

  • 13, 50-minute lessons facilitated in a long-term setting (i.e. after school clubs, quarter long class)

    • Middle School

    • High School

Program 3: Love Notes SRA Adaptation

Recommended for high risk participants who have been exposed to various risks

  • 15, 60-minute lessons facilitated in a long-term setting (emphasis is on building new skills to move away from risks with positive support.)

Program 4: Mind Matters

Recommended for students with ACEs. Can be incorporated with one of the three programs mentioned above in a long term setting. Builds self regulation skills, self-care practice, compassion for the hijacked brain, and living intentionally

  • 12, 50-minute lessons

Program 5: Trusted Adult/Parent/Educator Workshop

  • 1.5 hour presentation about California legislation regarding Sex Ed, different approaches to prevention education, rights of parents, Q &A, and more

Program 6: Trusted Adult/Parent/Educator Course

  • 12, 50-minute lessons

  • Recommended to equip and empower parents with the latest research and medical information re: healthy relationships, communication skills, STDs, HIV, unplanned pregnancy, refusal skills development, safe social media usage, and future goal setting. This course is designed for parents to confidently converse with and support their children in topics related to developing healthy relationship and sexuality.


Explore why the quality of a romantic relationship matters....

Learn about research findings that show patterns that will harm or protect relationships through our programs!




Please click the link below for lesson topics covered in the programs


 Student Testimonials


From Traditional School Settings

In this course, I learned that having sex as a teen is very risky and has a lot of downsides. By delaying sex until you are in a healthy married relationship helps you focus on your life goals, have more self-respect, and will make you a lot happier. I learned the dangers of teen sex: you can get STDs/HIV/AIDs, condoms do not protect you for sure, and teen (sexual) relationships can be abusive, dangerous and risk-full to your health and well-being. I now know to be more responsible and take relationships slowly. I will not have sex any time as a teen or before I am married and ready. I will have the courage to stand up for myself and respect myself.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
This course has helped me by informing me and my peers about what healthy relationships are. Also, when you choose to have sex in a monogamous relationship how it can protect yourself.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
From this course, I learned a lot of new things. I will not have any sex until I am married to ensure I can achieve my goals. I also learned about the consequences of drinking and doing drugs underage. Taking this class will benefit my life. 
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I realized delaying sex is a very good thing because you won’t get an unwanted baby and you won’t get an STD.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I learned that delaying sex could really help me with the future goals that I have in mind. This course helped me to learn about healthy relationships, the effect of HIV or other sexual diseases, and delaying sex.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I learned a lot of things. Such as STDs, HIV/AIDS, age of consent, unplanned pregnancies, and hormones. This course has helped me by warning me of the risks and showing me the good in sex as well.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I learned that condoms don’t protect from STDs 100% and healthy relationships must take time.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I learned that there are a lot more STDs out there than I thought and delaying sex could be very beneficial in my life. This course helped me become aware of the risks of having sex at a young age and learning what a healthy relationship really means. 

Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time to educate us. :-)
— 7th Grade, Shasta County
I learned how to resist pressure, how relationships work, and how to focus on my goals. This course helped me learn about love and good and bad relationships.
— 7th Grade, Shasta County

From Non-Traditional School Settings for High Risk Youth

I learned that it’s not always your partner that you should look at. (You need to look at) yourself for hidden stuff and that you are worth it and you need to take a time out. I am going to look at myself before committing.
— 11th Grade, Shasta County
Delaying sex until marriage will help you 1) get to know your partner 2) not get STDs and 3) prevent pregnancy.
— 11th Grade, Shasta County
I learned that we should have a good relationship and to not go fast. Delaying sex until marriage or a committed healthy relationship will help me to have a super good life
— 11th Grade, Shasta County
Delaying sex until marriage or a committed healthy relationship will help me to have a more successful family and marriage in the long run.
— 12th Grade, Shasta County
From this course, I learned how to use communication. I want to apply this to my life more because there is too much arguing that goes on around me.
— 10th Grade, Shasta County
From this course, I learned how to healthily deal with relationship issues. I want to apply the things I’ve learned so I can have a healthy relationship and not another abusive one. I learned sometimes arguments are deeper than small issues. Don’t use the words “never” and “always.”
— 10th Grade, Shasta County
I learned how to have a healthy relationship, deal with people I dislike, how to see if you’re a good match and how to understand other peoples’ hurt.
— 10th Grade, Shasta County
I learned about: better relationships, that I’m valued, important, equal, and worthy, that usually when you’re angry it’s because you’re feeling hurt inside.
— 12th Grade, Shasta County
I learned that sexual discrimination is not cool.
— 12th Grade, Shasta County
I learned about healthy relationships and know that I am worth (it). I think of a happy place when I “flip my lid”.
— 11th Grade, Shasta County
From this class, I learned to “have a healthy relationship.” I learned the strategy: WWA.  What happened, Where at, and Affected (how it affected you) to complain.
— 10th Grade, Shasta County
That age of consent is 18 and HIV is not curable.
— 12th Grade, Shasta County