We offer several strategies for developing Healthy Relationship Skills.  We welcome collaboration from various organizations and agencies to make this important education accessible to youth and young adults. We are committed to work with your individual needs and budget.  If you want to learn more, please contact us now for a consultation or for a workshop. 

To meet the wide needs of the participants, we offer five different programs.

Program 1: Choosing the Best

Recommended for participators with high trusted adult involvement. Each year, topics build on one another and it can be easily incorporated in school settings in a span of 1.5 weeks

  • 5-8, 50-minute lessons

    • 6th grade

    • 7th grade

  • 8, 50-minute lessons

    • High School: Choosing the Best Journey

  • 5, 50-minute lessons

    • High School: Choosing the Best Soulmate

Program 2: Relationship Smarts Plus SRA Adaptation

Recommended to participants who have typical exposure to sex on and offline and need more support. More holistic in covering sex beyond risk, protection, and pregnancy. Emphasis on building boundaries, healthy intimacy, communication skills, and understanding family patterns

  • 13, 50-minute lessons facilitated in a long-term setting (i.e. after school clubs, quarter long class)

    • Middle School

    • High School

Program 3: Love Notes SRA Adaptation

Recommended for high risk participants who have been exposed to various risks

  • 15, 60-minute lessons facilitated in a long-term setting (emphasis is on building new skills to move away from risks with positive support.)

Program 4: Mind Matters

Recommended for students with ACEs. Can be incorporated with one of the three programs mentioned above in a long term setting. Builds self regulation skills, self-care practice, compassion for the hijacked brain, and living intentionally

  • 12, 50-minutes

Program 5: Trusted Adult/Parent/Educator Workshop

  • 1.5 hour presentation and Q &A

Program 6: Trusted Adult/Parent/Educator Course

  • 12, 50-minute lessons


Explore why the quality of a romantic relationship matters....

Learn about research findings that show patterns that will harm or protect relationships.


Lesson Topics

Please click the link below for lesson topics covered in the programs